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Shimmer & Shake
If you use shaken hand percussion samples or loops (and we all do) then you’ve got two problems – one of which you know, the other you might not:

1) There is a small and over used group of sounds you rely on every time you need a shaker.

2) You go to the same selection of samples and loops because all your other shaker sounds are inconsistently edited, ill-timed, have little-to-no tempo flexibility, are missing articulations, don’t come close to sounding real when programmed, or some combination of these.

That is why we created Shimmer & Shake: a collection of shaken hand percussion patches for Kontakt AND a collection of 2350 loops in the REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt 3.5/4, ACID wav and Apple Loop formats.

Instruments include the cabasa, vintage tambourine, modern tambourine, brass tambourine, sistrum, maracas hi, maracas low, caxixi, shekere, egg shaker, beer can shaker, “Bali-Pong” shaker, rain stick (played as a shaker), finger drum shaker, goat toes, sand shaker, rock shaker, pill bottle shaker, Shakerine front, Shakerine side, sleigh bells, shell shaker, Spin Spark hi, Spin Spark low and Vari-Tone. All loop folders and patch names further identify the sound characteristic to help find the right sound quickly (“natural”, “plastic”, “jingle”, “metal”, “sand”, etc.).

Unique to the multi-sample portion of the library is the “Tight” control. This unique interface knob tightens up MIDI performances when taking tracks into higher BPM ranges. This is something that naturally occurs when a percussionist performs, but has never been translated to the sample world until now. “Tighten” up performances with a twist of a knob to prevent mixes from being overtaken by unrealistic and “slushy” sounding parts. View the video demo to see hear and see it in action.

Multi-sample users will also enjoy over 4900 unique samples that cover regular shake sounds, accent shakes, hand hits, stick hits (tambourines) and crescendo/decrescendo rolls. Patches were programmed with consistency, so should you decide to change the shaker or tambourine, you will not need to change your MIDI part.

The loop portion of Shimmer & Shake presents each of the 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms (2225 loops) covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures. Individual hits and rolls for each are offered for endings and breaks.

Additionally, the loops are highly organized and rhythmically consistent from suite to suite making it extremely easy to audition different sounds while keeping the same rhythm. And as part of the BPM Flex Series every loop can be used at virtually any tempo with no artificial stretching!

Ease-of-use, consistency, organization and professional grade sounds, rhythms and programming make Shimmer & Shake a resource that you will use time-and-time again.
"...In short, Nine Volt Audio have scored another absolute bullseye, and at a price that makes it a complete no-brainer purchase for practically anyone making their own music or mixing/producing for others. Bravo! Rating: 5/5." A Sound on Sound 2011 Award Nominee.
Sound on Sound Magazine
“ extensive collection of 2,350 loops and nearly 5,000 individual hand-held percussion samples…This is another highly flexible and well thought-out library from Nine Volt Audio that provides all the shaker sounds you’ll ever need. Rating: 9/10 and “Innovation” Award”
MusicTech Magazine
“…In each category are various loops and articulations. We feel it's heavily enhanced by the multisampled sections, which have all been beautifully programmed. Every sound has been captured in 24-bit stereo, which already sets this release apart from many other percussion titles. It sounds wide, with a smooth, 'expensive' top end. Rating: 9/10”
Computer Music Magazine
Download the user manual here.
View all the shaker types with descriptions here.

SPECIFICATIONS for the multi-sample portion

- 1 GB of 44.1kHz/24bit stereo samples and 68 Kontakt 3.5/4 instrument patches comprised of 4908 samples. Download is 748 MB.

- "Duo" patches take each of the 25 shaker types and doubles them, panning one to the left and one to the right, resulting in a beautifully symmetrical stereo shaker sound. Sixteen additional "Duo" patches combine two different-yet-complimentary shaker types into one patch – again, panning one to the left and the other to the right for even richer sounding rhythms.

- Patches include a wide selection of crescendo/decrescendo rolls, shakes, accent shakes, hand hits and stick hits (on tambourines).

- User interface controls include: convolution reverb (with 14 custom IR .wavs), saturation, stereo width, velocity curve, low and high pass filters, “tight”, delay, low, mid and high EQ gain, AHDSR, remap knob and humanization.

- Compatible with full retail versions of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 3.5 and up. The free Kontakt Player will not work with this collection.

SPECIFICATIONS for the loop portion

- Shimmer & Shake features 2350 loops in the REX, Stylus RMX, Kontakt, ACID Wav & Apple Loop formats. Uncompressed, each format is approximately 3.4 GB. Downloads for each format are broken into four files between 540-660 MB.

- Any of the REX-based loops (used in Stylus RMX, Reason and most major sequencers like Cubase, Live, Sonar, Digital Performer, ProTools, Logic) can be used at tempos as slow as 80 BPM with no artificial stretching.

- Shimmer & Shake does not require the user to convert the library using RMX’s SAGE Converter. Simply decompress the files and drag-and-drop the “Shimmer & Shake” folder into RMX’s “User Libraries” folder. Although it’s quick and easy, we supply visual instruction in the .pdf.

- Fifty patches for Kontakt are supplied – 25 patches for 4/4 time and 25 for non-4/4 time. Extensive user interface controls and ease-of-use features are available on every patch. Shimmer & Shake is compatible with full retail versions of Kontakt 3.5 and up. The free Kontakt Player will not work with this collection.

- All loops are in 44.1kHz/24bit resolution.
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25 Shakers in 60 Seconds

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In-Depth Video

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"Duo" Patch Demo
This demo showcases 10 of the new "Duo" patches from the multi-sample Kontakt portion of the library. All patches are playing from the same MIDI part.
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Shakers used in the making of Shimmer & Shake
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Shimmer & Shake in Stylus RMX
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Shimmer & Shake in Kontakt