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The Beat Aesthetic
Everything in one place: this is the guiding principle behind the creative approach to The Beat Aesthetic. Forty-four unique beat suites for 44 songs, with each suite containing everything a track needs to get from start to finish in style.

In order for a song to evolve, contract and expand, each of the 44 suites present a core beat, all parts of the core beat broken into stem and solo mixes, a minimum of six fills and a minimum of six “alternate mix” beats that range from complimentary to textural to glitch laden to attention grabbing ear candy.

The “everything in one place” concept continues through out the library with individual folders containing solo loops of kicks, snares, hi-hats, “top mixes” and more for quick and unique beat creation from the ground up.

Combining solid rhythms with interesting sounds, tempo flexibility with tight organization, and originality with ease-of-use, The Beat Aesthetic will raise your expectations of what a beat library should be.
"For many genres of music the drum beat is king - so much so that if you were to take away all of the other elements the track would still sound full. This has as much to do with beefy production as it does with detailed arrangement, drum fills and clever variations. The Beat Aesthetic from Nine Volt Audio, then, provides all of these... Verdict: A large collection of tempo-sync-ed electronic beats that's well laid-out and a joy to perform. 9/10 and Music Innovation Award"
MusicTech Magazine
Download the user manual here.

- The Beat Aesthetic features 1300+ loops in the Stylus RMX, REX, Kontakt 4, ACID Wav, Apple Loop and standard Wav formats. It is available via Download or as a 3-DVD set. Uncompressed, each format is approximately 3.6 GB of non-duplicated material. Downloads for each format are broken into four files between 540-660 MB.

- The library covers a tempo range of 80-140 BPM. But as part of the BPM Flex Series™, all formats (except standard .wav) can be used at a huge range of tempos with no artificial stretching.

- Each Beat Suite contains a full-mix beat(s), a full-mix beat without the kick, a full-mix beat without the snare, a kick & snare mix, top mix, and a loop for each individual instrument from the full-mix. A minimum of six 1-2 measure fills and a minimum of six alternate/sound-designed loops are also included.

- The Beat Aesthetic contains a universal selection of acoustic and electronic cymbal crashes and rises to supplement the beat suites.

- The library features a bonus selection of 96 4x Kick loops created from the kick sounds used in the 44 Beat Suites.

- All loops are in 44.1kHz/24bit resolution.

Stylus RMX Specific Info:

- The Beat Aesthetic does not require the user to convert the library using RMX’s SAGE Converter. Simply decompress the files and drag-and-drop “The Beat Aesthetic” folder into RMX’s “User Libraries” folder. Although it’s quick and easy, we supply visual instruction in the .pdf.

Kontakt 4 Specific Info:

- Beyond the 44 Beat Suite patches, an additional master preview patch allows for the auditioning of all core beats from one location. Patches are also available for solo loops of kicks, snares, hi-hats, top mixes, percussion, “kick & snare only” mixes, kick 4xs, etc…

- Intuitive interface controls include: “loop name” box (displays the name of the loop when key is pressed) convolution reverb (with 34 custom IR .wavs), saturation, stereo width, velocity curve, low and high pass filters, delay, and input/output quantization to lock loop triggering to the sequencer.

- Compatible with full retail versions of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4.2.3 and up. The free Kontakt Player will not work with this collection.
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The Beat Aesthetic Demo
This features just a handful of loops from seven of the beat suites in The Beat Aesthetic. No
additional processing was used on the loops in this demo. All sounds are from The Beat Aesthetic.
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Eight Suite Medley
This features just a handful of loops from eight of the beat
suites in The Beat Aesthetic. All sounds are from The Beat Aesthetic. Composed by Pasi Pitkänen.
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BPM Flex Demo
This demonstrates the tempo flexibility of the loops. Each loop is played at its regular tempo and then 20 BPM slower. Notice how everything remains intact and on time.
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The Beat Aesthetic in Stylus RMX
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The Beat Aesthetic in Kontakt